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Estate Cleanout & House Cleanout Services

The cleanout service may be needed for a number of reasons including:

The passing of a loved one

The thought of sorting out decades of family history, what to keep, what to donate, what to throw away, can be a daunting task.


The challenge is simply overwhelming.

Real Estate Cleanout Services

The services provided by Estate Cleanout Services is an invaluable tool for many attorneys, estate executors, real estate agents, and private individuals. Our professionals will cleanout the entire home or business. In addition to cleaning everything out we provide handyman repairs, painting and we coordinate the entire project.

Our freindly staff can remove your burden and give you peace of mind!

We specialize in providing assistance in organizing, sorting, de-cluttering, and cleaning out homes in a responsible and ethical manner. We understand that you are entrusting us with sorting through the personal belongings of your loved ones.

Our staff will handle your / their belongings with respect and integrity, while also focusing on reusing and recycling whenever possible. With our experience in estate cleanouts, organizing, general contracting, real estate sales, and extensive customer service, we will ensure a smooth transition for your family.

Real Estate Cleanout Services:

  • Remove old furniture
  • Remove trash from premises
  • Sort and destroy papers
  • Place valuables for donation
  • Clean entire home
  • Repaint the home
  • Repair closet doors
  • Replace carpet and flooring
  • Repair and manicure your lawn


Estate Clean Services in Miami, Florida, proudly offers trash removal services for the removal, hauling, and disposal of your unwanted and all sizes and types of junk. Stop storing unnecessary junk and get a free estimate for our trash removal services.

Get Rid of Your Junk
Keep your home and yard free of junk. We provide you with a free estimate, personalized and same-day trash removal service, and 80% of your junk is recycled upon disposal. No matter what trash you have, we can break it down and remove it from your property.


What We Remove:

  • Garage/Yard: clean up
  • Furniture: Couches/sofas, sofa beds, mattresses
  • Appliances: Fridges, freezers, washers & dryers
  • Office/Foreclosure: clear outs
  • Hazardous Materials: paint, chemicals, solvents, oils, e-waste
  • Soil & Dirt from a new garden
  • Shed & Attic Junk: Boxes, books, old tools, tires
  • Construction Materials: Debris, tiling
  • Garden Refuse: Branches, tree and bush clippings
  • Wood: Fencing, firewood, old timber
  • Concrete: From broken pathways or flooring
  • Roofing Items: Tiles and corrugated iron
  • Renovation Debris: Walls, windows, floorboards, drywall, plasterboard & frames, etc.


Estate Clean Services offers junk removal and recycling services for residential and commercial customers in and around South Florida. We specialize in residential and commercial foreclosure clean outs as well as residential and corporate eviction services. Our Miami junk removal & company is well known for providing the south Florida area with free estimates on junk, rubbish, and garbage removal and hauling services.

Our Services:

  • Clean Out Services
  • Estate Cleanouts
  • Full Residential Cleanouts
  • Partial Residential Cleanouts
  • Garage, Shed and Storage Cleanouts
  • Attic Cleanouts
  • Foreclosure/Eviction Cleanouts
  • Building and Office Cleanouts
  • Estate Junk/Debris/Trash Removal
  • Residential Junk/Debris/Trash Removal
  • Foreclosure Junk Removal
  • Furniture and Appliance Removal
  • Yard Junk/Debris/Trash Cleanups
  • Donation Pickups
  • Repair closet doors
  • Replace Carpet and Flooring
  • Repair electrical problems
  • Roof repair and replacement
  • Plumbing repair and services



Serving These Cities and Surrounding Areas


ECS can provide 45 to 60 day terms on our services. You can pay the initial deposit of 50% and pay the balance up to 60 days later. This gives you an opportunity to sell or rent your property before having to pay us. We also have partners that can provide you low rates on home improvement loans. Good credit rating required!.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to get rid of old furniture, appliances, electronics or any other type of junk or debris, or you are a business owner needing professional junk removal after a move or construction project, Estate Cleanout Services is here to provide you with the best prices and the best service possible! We are more affordable than Roll off Dumpster rentals and we provide the labor too!

Estate Cleanout

Have you got junk & trash-filled property at hand? You’d agree clearing could prove to be a daunting task, but why not save yourself the stress by turning this daunting task into a solved problem with property cleanout services from Estatecleanupmiami.

The things we do:

We haul junks for businesses and individuals that need to clear out their homes, commercial property or apartment. Before you can rent or sell a home, you’ve got to first dispose of the residues and junks. At Estate Cleanup Miami, we’ve got the appropriate trucks, tools, workers to get the job done most professionally and efficiently – which in turn saves you an enormous amount of energy, money, and time.

Our mode of operation:

With an eco-friendly oriented commitment to dispose junks safely at the most mind-blowing rate ever, Estate Cleanup Miami stands out as your one-stop for property cleanout services. Why not pick up that phone and give us a call to see the relief attached with employing the best junk haulers in Miami.

Estate Cleanout


For landlords:

When tenants leave furniture and trash behind, Estatecleanupmiami property cleaning services help to get your property cleaned for leasing. Within only but a few hours, we can propel your turnaround and help get your rental property cleaned and ready.

As a manager, you’ve got enough on your table that needs urgent attention, why not leave the property cleaning aspect to us while you focus on other pressing issues thus increasing your focus and productivity, consider us a wing of your business.

We’ll be here when you need our property cleanout services; we’ll remove discarded furniture, garbage, and of course, debris.

Foreclosure apartments:

We offer cleanout services to families during difficult times. Due to specific personal challenges, you may be forced to take out stray garbage and leftover items, Estatecleanupmiami provides the most professional, fast, and of course, friendly cleanout services that are needed to get your apartment taken care of without unnecessary headache or hiccup.

Real estate and banks can team with us to take care of foreclosure apartment property cleanout. We ensure our services are affordable, flexible on prices, and fast.

Estate Cleanout


Junk removal for commercial estates:

Did your last tenant leave the freshly evacuated office space filled with old & dusty office furniture, old electronics, discarded junks, or supplies? Our property cleanout services in Miami will solve your problem in the blink of an eye so you can lease your property again in no time.

A majority of commercial junk includes electronic wastes and a large number of metals & recyclable papers. Estatecleanupmiami recycles and donates more than any other property cleanout services in Miami.

With Estatecleanupmiami, you get to save a lot of money in the long run – thanks to our affordable property cleanout services in Miami; you get to spend less on overall operating cost while maximizing your occupancy rates.

We handle property cleanout services of all shapes & sizes:

At Estatecleanupmiami, we handle all sort of property cleanout services in Miami, talk about construction junks pick-ups, emptying rooms, attic cleanouts, yard debris collection amongst other trash removal services you may be needing.

Make the best of cost-effective choices by choosing us when you need an office or home cleaned out. We beat our competitors with lower prices, eco-friendly practices, and of course, excellent customer services.